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I'm drowning in these nightmares... by Blackrose1716 I'm drowning in these nightmares... by Blackrose1716

So I guess there's two stories to this one. Both happened to be true and came in my dream this past couple hours that gave me a haunting awakening when my alarm went off.

first off, I afraid of water. Hence the water background. A couple years ago I was camping with my family before my parents split and I was down by the river with my younger brother and sister. Well my brother trew a Frisbee for the dog into the water, and she never retrieved it, which was normal, so my brother went out after getting yelled at by my sister to go get it and ended up getting caught in the rough current of the river. Lucky for us, these people where swimming not too far down and heard my screams and Boomers Barking as we climbed back up and chased after him. Sadly I still have nightmares about that.


The second part involving all the blood on my character, in all of elementary and most of JR high, I was always bullied by this group of guys because I was different. It was always the same bull shit being picked on cause I had glasses and braces, or that I did things differently, or at times when my blood sugar got too low with my diabetes, and I started to act all drunk like and stuff before I passed out, they would find the perfect moment or thing to embarrass me with. There were day I would come home from school and hockey with black-eyes or bruises on me from the shoving me around or cuts on my lips and bleeding nose's like no tomorrow. It all ended in grade 8 when I finally punched the bigger bully and knocked him out on the bus home. Since then, I've been okay


But yeah, So I have Ladon and Diesel here, Ladon having her past catching up to her with the almost drowning of her younger brother and the bullies that always beat her up. I have them falling with Ladon not really knowing how to swim or anything, slowing slipping into a painful memory vision and Diesel diving after her trying to save her. For some reason that's what I dreamed about, and happened to find the perfect line-art for it. The weird dreams I have..


Diesel (c) Dieselwolf84

Line-art (c) raven-mortician




Dieselwolf84 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
I am here for u and all ways will be I know the feeling of being bulllyed all to well.. I love u ♡
Blackrose1716 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love you too!Tight Hug 
Dieselwolf84 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
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February 24, 2014
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